Enhance Digital and Web Camera Pictures with Cellphone

Digital and web cameras sometimes need a little something, that extra hand, in taking the best pictures. Light has a lot to do with getting the best shot and with ruining a shot if too much light is involved. Placing a tint over the lens of a camera can control lighting to some degree. If the tint contains color, the color can brighten and open up the picture or it makes the shot appear dim and dark.

Enhance Digital and Web Camera Pictures with Cellophane
Enhance Digital and Web Camera Pictures with Cellophane

Using different colors of cellophane wrap you can experiment with tint. Hold a piece of cellophane over the camera lens as you look through the camera. Notice that each piece of cellophane that you change for the next color offers you a new perspective and feel to the look of the image seen through the eye of the camera.

Yellow opens the image up with light but isn’t as harsh as a direct powerful blast of sunlight bouncing beams off of rocks, glass, buildings, vehicles and shiny, reflective objects forcing the camera to feel the brunt of it’s attack. Green is a hue that is darker than yellow but sets a calm and stress free atmosphere. Pink gives you a warm sensation and illuminates the image without the intensity of a spotlight. Try clear cellophane it can affect the image to.

If you don’t have any cellophane but would like to see an example of the difference that tint can make you can experiment using the two colors in a pair of 3-D glasses. Hold the blue over the lens. The blue brightens the image and offers a view much like that of wearing a pair of sunshades. There is a hint of bluish color that washes over the camera’s view that feels serene. When the red is held over the lens the feeling is a bit broody and devilish certainly dampening the spirit as it darkens the camera image.

Sunshades could also be used to substitute as an example of the difference in tint but you’ll need sunshades with color lens. With clear sunshade lens you may not notice a big difference. Hold the sunshade lens over the cameras and take a look. There may be a glare off the sunshades but since sunshades are supposed to help tame the reflection and glare of light they may actually improve the quality of the image in the camera’s view.

You may prefer using sunshades for tinting to cellophane but cellophane may run a little cheaper in cost and allow you to expand the variety of colors you have for tint. Also cellophane is lighter and easier to carry and keep up with. It’s simpler to put a piece of cellophane in your pocket and keep it there than it is with a pair of glasses, which can fall out if they aren’t secured.