How to Clean a Plasma TV Screen

Everyone likes a clean TV screen no matter the style of the television, but a plasma TV screen cannot be cleaned like an ordinary glass television screen. They require special care to avoid damaging the delicate surface, and the vents must be kept clean and free from dust. When unsure of how to clean a plasma TV screen, consider the following information. Take care of your entertainment investment by keeping the screen clean and looking like new for many years to come.

How to Clean a Plasma TV Screen
How to Clean a Plasma TV Screen

Precautionary Statement

Never use paper towels or potentially abrasive cloths. Also, never use glass cleaner to clean a plasma TV screen. Special cleaning fluids are available, and many come with ultra-soft cloths and anti-static dust brushes. Always follow manufacturer instructions for specific recommendations on how to clean your plasma TV screen.

A Screen Coated in Furniture Polish

When visiting my sister I stood within a few feet of her new plasma TV, and I noticed something unusual when trying to view the picture. It looked blurry as if the screen was covered with water, and I realized it was coated with an oily substance. My sister had left a can of lemon furniture polish on a shelf in the living room, and her six year old son decided to clean the plasma TV screen without permission. He could have ruined it in a matter of minutes, but I was able to help my sister clean the plasma TV screen using a few easy steps.

Necessary Supplies to Clean a Plasma TV

To clean a plasma TV screen you will need lint-free microfiber cloths, an anti-static dust brush, and cleaner especially for LCD screens. Microfiber clothes are readily available in auto and household cleaner departments of discount stores, and if they are washed and dried separately without other fabrics and dried without dryer sheets, they will remain completely lint-free and soft.


Begin by dusting the plasma TV screen to remove accumulated lint and dust. This might be all that is necessary to clean it. If marks remain, use cleaning fluid especially for LCD screens, and gently wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth. Also, use an anti-static brush to clean the TV vents, and wipe away the dust from the vents using another clean microfiber cloth. Wipe the rest of the unit with a microfiber cloth to remove any additional dust or grime. If the cabinet around the screen is particularly dirty, a soft cloth can be slightly moistened with water. Dry the surface of the cabinet to avoid water spots. It is really very easy to clean a plasma TV.

A Happy Ending

My sister did not tell her husband about the incident with the furniture polish. He would have reacted with fury. It is best not to mention problems to others when the punishment would not fit the crime. Instead of screaming and cursing at my nephew, my sister and I calmly explained how the plasma TV screen could have been ruined by the furniture polish or any other unacceptable cleaner. My nephew was obviously sorry, and he was just trying to help. In the end he understood the proper way to clean a plasma TV, and from then on he would leave that task up to his mother.