How to Repair Home Theater Subwoofers

Sub woofers are a major part of any home theater system. If your subs aren’t working, the movies you are watching don’t have quite the impact. Here is an overview of some of the components of sub woofers and how to fix common problems.

How to Repair Home Theater Subwoofers
How to Repair Home Theater Subwoofers

Once you discover that you are having issues with your sub woofer, make sure that it is connected properly to the rest of your home theater system. Many times a loose connection can be the cause of a hit and miss sub.

Since subs use magnets to help produce and magnify sound, other devices can cause a buzzing. Try moving you unit away from other electronics. If an electronic device is interrupting the magnetic field, you sub may not be as powerful. The magnets are located inside the speaker, so it may be trial and error to find a place that you can get the full effect of the sub without interference.

Another common problem is a broken fuse. To see if your fuse is broken, you will need to take the cover or case off of your sub woofer and take a look at the fuse. If it is shot, replacing it is a breeze. Simply determine the size. In many cases you can buy a set of fuses for under $5. Although some models may require a higher priced fuse.

One of the most important parts of the sub is the surround, or the foam ring around the speaker. If the surround has a crack in it, it can cause buzzing and unwanted vibration sounds. To fix it you can use electrical tape or a rubberized epoxy glue, but eventually it will need to be replaced.

Make sure that you are using a separate power source for your sub. Sharing a power source can cause an interference that can be heard through the speakers.

For home theater sub woofers that use special characteristics such as ports and multi facing speakers, if these fixes don’t work, be sure to check your manual. All subs come with a troubleshooting guide. Before taking on any major repairs, even some that I have listed, be sure to check on the warranty. You don’t want to void your warranty by fixing something incorrectly. Also look at you info to find the help line for your home theater sub woofer, many times the experts can troubleshoot over the phone, plus it won’t void your warranty!