Product Review: Jabra BT160 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

There are so many Bluetooth wireless headphones available these days that it can be quite difficult to choose. I chose my Bluetooth headphone based on price and appearance. When looking for yourself, I would highly recommend making your decision based on more than that…especially if you plan to use your wireless headphone for business purposes.

Product Review: Jabra BT160 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone
Product Review: Jabra BT160 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

The Jabra BT160 Bluetooth wireless headphone offers changeable cover designs so you can have a different look anytime you’d like. Since so many Bluetooth wireless headphones are not that attractive this was a major selling point for me. The device itself comes with a clear plastic cover that is quite easy to remove. The replaceable covers are a thin, cardboard material that fit nicely under the plastic. While I do like the idea of having many different appearance choices, the reality is that I very rarely bother to change it.

If the appearance of the Bluetooth wireless headphone wasn’t enough to win me over, the price certainly was. I purchased mine in January of 2008 for $40.00. Now, doing a basic Internet search, I see that it can be purchased for as little as $19. Since there are Bluetooth wireless headphones that sell for hundreds of dollars this should be considered quite a steal.

It is fair to say that appearance and price may be the best attributes of the Jabra BT160 Bluetooth wireless headphone. One of the biggest drawbacks is the way the headset fits around the ear. It takes quite a while to find a good position, and the arm that fits over the ear moves around a lot so every time it is taken off the position is lost. In addition, the arm of mine has fallen off a couple of times. The Bluetooth wireless headphone is useless if the arm is lost so this is a pretty serious issue.

Another problem I have encountered occurs when a call is ending. About 60% of the time, after hanging up, the Bluetooth wireless headset will turn off on it’s own causing the phone to lose the headset signal. Because I don’t always verify the signal before I dial, there have been times that I am waiting to hear something in my ear, only to find out that someone is connected to the phone in my lap.

Lastly, the Jabra BT160 Bluetooth wireless headphone sometimes makes me sound like I am in a tunnel. I mostly using the device for personal calls, so call clarity isn’t dire for me. However, sound quality is an issue for many people and should definitely be considered when buying a Bluetooth wireless headphone.
Overall, the Jabra BT160 is a decent headphone for personal use. The drawbacks make it a poor choice for business people or anyone having phone conversations that rely on 100% clarity. But, the eight hours of talk time and 110 hours of standby time is reasonable (according to the product book) and it charges pretty quickly. The price and appearance make this Bluetooth wireless headset a very attractive value for those looking for a convenient Bluetooth wireless headphone at a low rate.