The Five Best Tabletop Radios Under $200.00

In an era of elaborate sound systems and surround sound speakers, there’s something alluring about the simplicity of a tabletop radio. Maybe it’s nostalgia, or maybe it’s the fact that tabletop radios are more user-friendly than bulky, state-of-the-art sound systems. Tabletop radios are very easy to use, and they come in a wide variety of styles. They are also compact, so your tabletop radio can fit just about anywhere you need it to – and it’s actually portable! But, when choosing the right tabletop radio, look carefully to find the best functions and features for you. Below are the top five tabletop radios under $200.00.

The Five Best Tabletop Radios Under $200.00
The Five Best Tabletop Radios Under $200.00

Visteon Tabletop HD Radio ($160.99)

This stylish retro-style radio receives HD, analog and RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System) signals. But this isn’t your grandpa’s radio. The six-line backlit display shows you artist and title information while it plays, while the ten available presets and infrared remote control make your life a whole lot easier. Add to that the clock and alarm settings, and you’ve got a beloved classic with a few handy modern touches. If you’re looking for iPod docking or a CD player, then keep looking – this radio is all about the basics.

Sangean WR-2 AM/FM Tabletop Radio ($137.42)

The Sangean WR-2 comes in a walnut-finish wooden case and offers great sound from your favorite stations – with full-range bass and treble controls, a seven watt amplifier and acoustic bass compensation. And for iPod lovers, the Sangean WR-2 offers a jack to hook your iPod into your radio. An added bonus is the power back-up feature, which retains clock and preset features for about an hour in the event of power failure.

Accurian TM Tabletop HD Radio ($79.00)

This tabletop HD radio offers classic features with state-of-the-art style. This chrome-finished radio has a display which tells you song, artist, station and band information. There are no other bells and whistles on this model – it claims to be exactly what it is: an HD radio that provides crisp, clear audio from your favorite stations.

Acoustic Research AV100C Tabletop Radio With iPod Docking Station ($168.20)

This sleek, old-style radio looks deceptively simple, but offers iPod lovers the best of both worlds. The AV100C offers a high resolution tuner with high fidelity sound, and includes a remote control. But when you’re tired of listening to your favorite radio stations, simply dock your iPod and listen to your playlist of choice.

Sony XDR-S3HD HD Radio ($148.42)

This high definition tabletop radio offers classic two-dial tuning with a modern display and remote control. The wood-based cabinet offers a sleek faux-cherry finish, while the display lists out artist, title and station information for your convenience. This Sony XDR-S3HD HD Radio is a great mix of modern technology and classic function.