Top Electronics, Power Amps & Speakers for DJs

Top Electronics, Power Amps & Speakers for DJs
Top Electronics, Power Amps & Speakers for DJs

Being a Mobile DJ today is very different than in the Baby Boomer years of the 60’s when we were teenagers growing up. I can remember when all you needed were 2 stripped down BSR turntables with Pickering magnetic needles, a Bogen 4 channel mixer without tone controls, a Shure hi impedance microphone, two 15″ Altec Lansing speakers in speaker cabinet enclosure I made myself, a Dynaco power amp, 30′ of lamp cord for speaker wire, an extension cord and a handful of top 40 plastic 45rpm records. Wha-La, I was a high school DJ, playing at elementary schools and high schools monthly dances and community record hops. There are many Baby Boomers that remember this era from the 1960’s. To be a DJ you had to have some basic understanding of electricity, electronics, speakers  amp; wiring and be resourceful collecting any old electronics parts or speakers to be found. Most amateur disc jockey’s would take old radios, TV’s and console stereos apart and experiment with those electronic parts. Those were the day’s my friend.
Today’s DJ’s are a different animal, with so many advanced electronics, computers and music formats on the market available to them. We never dreamed that it would be possible to program an entire night of continuous music on a computer to store, play and time all the songs for an event. Most new DJ systems and components are plug  amp; play and can fit into the back seat of a compact car. A professional DJ setup can include as little as a laptop computer with software and music mp3’s, a wireless microphone, a mixer, powered speakers and cables.

Are you a DJ/Entertainer or do you just like loud music. If you are considering becoming a DJ part or full time you already know the reasons why you have interest. Like any profession you don’t just wake up and suddenly decide what your career will be, you must have interest in doing this like a hobby and want to continue to advance. People are most successful when they make a career out of a hobby they like as it comes natural to them and they have fun doing it. You have to master making groups of people of all ages to have fun at your event and keep the guests involved with your show. No matter where you live or choose run your DJ business in the city or suburbs, you have to be the best in your field to survive. There is much competition in the entertainment industry and you most possess talent along with professional equipment for a road worthy DJ system. So if you just like loud music then being a DJ isn’t for you.

Top DJ Electronic Equipment  Speakers for the Do It Yourself DJ

The equipment you choose to use for your DJ business whether just starting out or experienced should be matched throughout your system. As an experienced DJ knows the upgrading of equipment is a continuous cycle that never ends as the technology in electronics is ever changing. At the top of the list for sound quality and durability are the power amplifiers and speakers. These are the most important components of your system as they deliver your product to the consumer and need to be dependable, durable and sound great. The laptop computer  amp; mixer can always be upgraded along with a cd player. Many DJ’s add light effects as part of their package and sets the mood at parties for dancing. The best way to motivate a crowd is using props for group dancing or contests and for children’s groups this works great along with giving away prizes and gifts. Make sure that the equipment you purchase can safely fit into your vehicle with extra room for accessories and if needed an assistant. The best vlogging camera under 300

Here is a list of some Pro DJ equipment and components to consider when purchasing new equipment:

1. Power Amplifiers – although there are many brands of power amplifiers on the market, don’t be fooled by power ratings only. Look at the THD noise ratio and use those numbers for comparing. In my 30 years of experience using professional power amplifiers in my opinion there is only one brand to consider – Crown Audio. For the most reliable road worthy and guaranteed power output, Crown is the brand of choice. Consider the ITech Series, MacroTech i Series, MacroTech Series. The XLS Series is Crown’s less expensive line.

2. Mixers/Preamps – Top of line the Pioneer DJM 800 is a great mixer for DJ’s with effects. Rane and Denon are also good.

3. Wireless Microphones – by far the best value is the Shure PGX24 UHF

4. Dual CD Players – Pioneer model CDJ1000 Denon DND4500 dual cd player

5. Laptop Computers – Most major brands.

6. Music – source for downloading mp3’s into computer database, cd’s, dance  amp; classic party music cd. Maintain a large selection of genre of music for all age groups and special occasion songs for requests.

7. Speakers – JBL Pro SRX or MRX series speakers, if you are making your own speaker enclosures or speaker cabinets consider using JBL or TAD raw speakers and drivers, horns and crossovers. Subwoofers are a must for deep pounding bass.

8. DJ Accessories – input cables, speaker cables, interconnect cables, headphones, speaker stands, road cases, component racks, power surge protector, etc.

9. DJ Lighting – types of lighting effects – fog machine, effect lights, strobe lights, lasers, motion lights.

10. DJ software for programming playlists – there are several brands of DJ software, research to find one that you are comfortable with.