Why You’ll Love the Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones

As an audiophile, I’ll admit that it can be a daunting task to find a great set of headphones, and while I’ll usually opt for a pair of Bose or Sennheiser, Sony, or Koss in-ear headphones, the Bowers & Wilkins C5 in-ear headphones look very promising.

Why You'll Love the Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones
Why You’ll Love the Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones

Great Design

Simply looking at the packaging that the Bowers & Wilkins C5 in-ear headphones came in, I knew that the overall design of the product inside the box would be of ideal quality. After unboxing the Bowers & Wilkins C5 headphones, I was impressed by it’s beautiful aluminum design and ear-bud quality. While it’s very hard to find in-ear headphones that don’t feel cheap or as though they will break, snap, or will malfunction after heavy use, the Bowers & Wilkins C5’s aluminum design looks as though it can take a bit of damage and will calm my paranoia of damaging my headphone cords.

Comfortable Fit

Not only is the cabling and overall hardware of the Bowers & Wilkins C5 in-ear headphones ideal, but they’re also comfortable. Comfort is of the utmost importance for virtually any audiophile and while comfort can be subjective and is usually in the “ear of the beholder”, the Bowers & Wilkins C5 headphones features silicon buds with “Tungsten Weighting” which sits these headphones snuggly in-ear and also boasts a “Secure Loop” that helps to pad these headphones within the ear so that they won’t fall out easily. Comfort is an area that even the most popular headphones have failed to implement, but the comfort of the Bowers & Wilkins C5 fared very well.

Excellent Sound

Sound is obviously the most important feature of virtually any headphone and with well-known audiophile brands like Koss, Bose, Sennheiser and more, how does the Bowers & Wilkins C5 in-ear headphones hold up to the competition? The Bowers  amp; Wilkins C5 headphones packs big sound with thick pounding bass, great highs, and excellent mids. As a “headphone snob”, I was impressed with the quality of these headphones, and when combined with the Bowers & Wilkins C5’s design and comfort, the sound of these headphones make it a force to be reckoned with.

iDevice Compatible

Are you a fan of an Apple iOS device like the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad? The Bowers & Wilkins C5 is compatible with Apple devices and supports media playback controls and even phone calls. While the playback and calling functions of these headphones may be compatible with other portable devices, it’s features are perfect for iDevice fans.